Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Bedrooms: Before and After

I’ve already posted a blog with before and after pictures of my living room, kitchen and bathroom, but since then have finished the painting in my bedroom and the spare bedroom. Below you will find before and after pictures of each room. It’s nice to have all the painting done now and the house really feels like my own.

The spare bedroom before the paint went on.

Facing the same wall after two coats of paint!

The dirty walls of the spare bedroom before.

A very different room after the paint and curtains!

My bedroom before. Notice the white walls in the back.

My room on my very first day at the house, December 9, 2009.

My room after some paint! I finally got that net up too.

There's a story behind the two colors of paint. All the walls were originally going to be the same color as the top portion, but after I dropped half a gallon of paint in downtown Apia, I decided on the green for the bottom. The way in which they mix paint here isn't all that scientific and I knew for them to create the exact match might be expecting too much! It turned out nice though, I think.

Moving in day: December 9, 2009.

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