Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan’s Tragedy

A copy of the Samoan Observer with news of Japan.
Last night, Samoa was under a tsunami warning after the devastating earthquake in Japan. Samoa just experienced its own natural disaster back in September of 2009 when a tsunami killed over 150 people in this country. Therefore, people take no chances when the word is given to move to high ground. Luckily, I live on high enough ground that a tsunami would not effect me, should one hit.

Since I don’t have cell phone coverage in my village, I wasn’t getting any of the text messages being sent out about the need to move to higher ground, although Peace Corps was able to contact a man in the village next to me, who is able to get a signal at his house. So last night around 3a.m. volunteers who live near the coast were moving to higher ground. Luckily, there was no damage here in Samoa and all were able to return to there houses early this morning.

I woke up last night to find that I had an ear infection, so I decided to come in on the bus this morning to see the doctor. I’m on an antibiotic now, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal in a few days. This gave me a chance to see the news reports of the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan.

As I’ve written before, after living here in Samoa, I now have a deeper appreciation for the power that the ocean holds in its vast waters. Swimming in it, watching it day after day, hearing it roar night after night, reminds me of its power and capacity to unleash destruction. Unfortunately, Japan was on the receiving end of its might today. My prayers are with all of those who are recovering from this tragedy. May they find the strength to recover, rebuild and renew.

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