Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday In Apia

Last Friday's Sunrise
Last Friday I had my camera with me in town and decided to capture some of the sights around the capital city of Apia. Enjoy the pictures!

A boy walks the sea wall shielding himself from the sun with an ie lava lava.

The clocktower.

The old market has been torn down and now they are getting ready to build a new one.

A Happy Father's Day sign in front of Chan Mow, since Father's Day is celebrated in August here--this weekend in fact! Happy Father's Day!

Mother and son wait patiently at the light.

Some matai (chiefs)sitting and talking near the town center.

A van tailgating (he was laughing about it too)!

Some koko Samoa, whcih I bought!! YUM!

The newspaper stand.

I think it's universal; kids get tired waiting for mommy at the grocery store.

Ice cream on a hot day!

Guys playing their guitars.

A shipping freighter in the harbor.

The delicious cake at Keli's House of Goodies.

Not legal in Michigan!

Free in-flight magazines available at Air New Zealand's office! A good read.

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