Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

This is the front of my classroom. I asked the students to draw pictures for the alphabet that I had written. Each picture begins with that letter. The kids loved the project and get to look at them each day. I also have a calendar I put up each month. The kids need a lot of practice with knowing the days of the week and dates. There is a pocket chart below the calendar and I got that idea from my mom who has a very nice laminated one in her kindergarten classroom in the states. The classroom rules are also clearly stated in the front of the room also!

This is one of the spots where I can make a phone call from near my house (10 minute jog away). This coastal route to my village is recommended in local tour guide magazines! I have to agree with their suggestion.

This is in an area on the south side of the island that was hit hard by the tsunami in September of 2009. There use to be a beach resort at this location to the left of us before it was wipped out in seconds. The resorts are slowly starting to rebuild but it is a long road. Here Casey, Corina and I enjoy the beach for a quick picture..

This is a huge trench where water from the ocean comes under one side of the rock. We went down the ladder for a swim in the refreshing water. As someone in our group commented, in Samoa there are no warning signs or lifegurards near by, it's all at your own risk. Pay the 10 tala and you can have all the fun you want!

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