Friday, May 21, 2010

You Know You Live in a Tropical Climate When…

1. You have to put mosquito repellent on before you go to work.
2. Bread starts to mold within 48 hours.
3. You have to place all electronics inside air tight bags to protect them from the moisture.
4. Locals start putting sweatshirts on and saying it’s chilly when it gets to 70 degrees.
5. Coconut palms lean at 30 degree angles.
6. Cockroaches grow to the size of Boeing jets.
7. It rains so heavy you wonder if you should start building an ark.
8. Your clothes dry outside on a sunny day in less than an hour.
9. You sweat so much you can ring your shirt out at the end of the day.
10. You wear shorts every day of the year.

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